This a 1st of its kind, fresh and ground breaking concept, where boundaries and territories are cleverly crossed, without prejudice or ridiculing one another. It’s a combinations of street culture, word of mouth marketing, above the line marketing, viral marketing, all given to the individual on the street, it’s a concept about the people and by the people.

All 3 formats of the competition, consists of TV show format of 13 episodes, a national search for individuals, group and clubs, individuals who are not only gifted as a DJs or a collective group, but proves his/their ability at grasping the business of being in entertainment, the passion of the business, the ability to ignite and invoke people’s emotions and rhythm, venues that have the ability to think out of the box, the potential of becoming a brand, the extent of his or her or its identity as a crew or single DJ or venue and an icon among young people of South Africa and most importantly demonstrate characteristics of being a brand ambassador for brands and the potential of living up to what is expected.

I Am Emerge

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