Eventors embodies the essense of “gatherings” which is a need amongst young society. It has seen entrepreneurs turning fun into a thriving business model, emphasis on breaking the monotony and creating authentic experiences for patrons who are there to experience events dwellers point of view to the involvement of mainstream rugby with township.

This is the foundation of Eventors – celebrate these event organisers, while profiling a platforms where brands can engage with consumers through ideas of event organiserz (Eventors).

The concepts pits the best organizers througout the country, based on a predetermined criteria – going head to head – pitting ideas, creative mixture, adaptability, innovation and most of all thinking out of the box.

Instead of using money, they use brand power and selection to leverage experience of patrons who will determine who the overall winner is.

I Am Emerge

(+27) 11 070 7229 - info@iamemerge.co.za